FWWB was promoted in 1981, as an affiliate of Women’s World Banking, a global network created to focus on the need for women’s direct access to financial services and recognizing women’s role in building a nation’s economy.

FWWB combined its loans with technical assistance to ensure sustainable growth and from 1989 to 2010 it has reached out to more than 300 Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) with technical assistance and nearly 200 with loan support. FWWB has successfully implemented programs with support from SIDBI, FORD Foundation, Citi Foundation, HIVOS, CORDAID, USAID, Micheal and Susan Dell Foundation and many more and access loan support from 10 plus banks and financial institutions.

Initially started as a capacity building institution, FWWB had decided to provide loan support to different type of institutions (SHGs, Federations, Cooperatives, NGOs and startup NBFCs) that are in the space of financial inclusion. Luke warm response from the banking sector to support these institutions was the reason for building the revolving loan fund and taking the risk as a first lender. Support from bilateral, international as well as local institutions enabled FWWB to scale up and support more than 300 institutions across the country in areas of livelihood promotion, water and sanitation, education and women empowerment. FWWB was instrumental in organizing various policy forums focusing on financial services for the poor and played a very active role in policy advocacy. FWWB, being a member of various networks, has played a significant role in the building of the sector. Cumulatively FWWB has reached out to more than 1 million women across India through its various interventions.

A society based on equity and social justice where women are active partners in holistic development.

Providing financial and capacity building services to organizations promoting livelihoods and self-reliance of poor women
  Building an Economy of Nurturance:
Conference of Women Leaders in Finance in collaboration with SEWA Cooperative Bank: Women with their pronounced role and a robust share of contributions towards nurturing household and the rural economy across the country have come a long way since independence.While provision and access to financial services through Micro Financing and efforts to include them in the 'mainstream economy' by enhancing their financial literacy have been on the rise, rural subsistence economy is getting eroded and depriving the poor of their basic needs.It is within this context that the conference on Building an Economy of Nurturance (BEN) is aimed at deliberating on lessons from the past and examining as to how the existing know-how of Micro Financing, its allied instruments and associated agencies can harness their collective strength and work towards shaping a space where women can rediscover their potentials and further an economy that can ensure and sustain basic human needs with dignity.

  FWWB & SEWA Bank jointly organising Regional workshop on Women's Leadership in Finance on 6th and 7th May.
  Impact Assessment-Water and Sanitation(WATSAN)
  FWWB launches Sanitation Project in Bihar with PSI

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